Amelia's Young Highlander Awards 2024 Nominations

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Rules for Nominating

The special Young Highlander must be under the age of 16 and live in the Highlands & Islands. Before making your nomination, please read the Rules for Entry and our Terms & Conditions for nominating a child for a Young Highlander Award.

Now is your chance to recommend a special young person for a Young Highlander Award. The award categories are listed below. (Please nominate using the form below, you can only submit one category per entry).

1. Child Of Courage Award – Sponsored by

For a child who has overcome bullying, battles mental health issues, or non visible disabilities and illnesses daily, yet still tries their best.

2. Amelia's Keep On Swimming Award – Sponsored by Caley Timber and Building Supplies

For a child who started their life fighting and continues to fight each and every day.

3. Special Sibling Award – Sponsored by

For a child who goes that extra mile to help care for their siblings and make sure they are okay.

4. Child Fundraiser Award – Sponsored by

A child who has fundraised for charities or causes they believe in.

5. Child Mentor Award – Sponsored by

For a child who has helped improve a younger persons life through their own kindness with something like school work, volunteering, or friendship.

6. Leo Flett Child of Bravery Award  – Sponsored by

A child with a long term illness who fights every day and continues to fight.

7. Child Carer Award – Sponsored by

For a child who cares daily for a parent, sibling, friend or neighbour, often forgoing their own childhood to look after others.

8. Riley Maclennan Child Warrior Award – Sponsored by North Coast Cars

For a child who receives treatment every day, such as chemotherapy or physiotherapy, and just carries on as best they can.

9. Judges Inspiring Young Person Award – Caley Timber and Building Supplies

This award goes to a child who the judges believe has gone above and beyond, despite their own hardships.

10. Child Community Award – Sponsored by

For a child who has given valuable support to somebody in their community.

11. Drummond School Pupil of the Year – Sponsored by

For a child who attends Drummond School and has flourished throughout the year.

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